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Jan Willem Huethorst is sales and marketingmanager at dutch design brand Gelderland. Back in 2009 he was one of the first to fill in his Top10 of favorite designs to fuell the discussion… Read more >


No more blogging and jibber-jabber on DesignTop100.com any more. We finaly are going to do what we are ment for: a quest for thé ultimate chart of design of all times. Read more >


Kay Bojesen took thirteen years and a world war to design his flatware. When he finished his design won the First Prize at the World Exposition in 1951 in Milan and the flatware became… Read more >


This year, Vitra chose to concentrate on adding new colors from the new Vitra Colour Library by Hella Jongerius on their classic designs by Prouvé, Eames and George Nelson. Read more >